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Flowers and Plants on the Tralen Ranch


Here are a few of the flora on the ranch. Tracey has used a few reference books to identify these flowers. Guide to Colorado Wildflowers Volume 1 (Plains & Foothills) and Volume 2 (Mountains) by G.K. Guennel, 1995 and The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Wildflowers - Western Region Knopf, 1979. All photographs are copyrighted and may not be used without permission of Tracey or Leonard Luty. 

Please contact Tracey if you have alternate identifications of these flowers and plants.


1. Colorado Columbine    2. Stemless Evening Primrose    3. Mariposa Lily

1. columbine   2. primrose   3. mariposa    

4. Common Harebell    5. Pasque Flower    6. Tansy Yarrow                                     

4. harebell   5.  pasque   6.  yarrow

7. Ball Nipple Cactus    8. Skyrockets (Fairy Trumpet)    9. Little Sunflowers

7. cactus   8.  skyrocket   9. sunflower    

10. Yucca    11.Yellow Stonecrop

10. yucca   11. stonecrop

12. Prairie Coneflower    13. Coneflower    14. Horse Mint (great as an oregano substitute)

12.coneflower1    13.coneflower2    14.horsemint

15. Leafy Cinquefoil    16. Gayfeather    17. Scorpion Weed

15.cinquefoil    16.gayfeather    17.scorpion

18. Sticky Aster    19. Threadleaf Groundsel   

18.aster    19.groundsel