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We are not planning any litters at this time (October 2015).
For Irish Wolfhound Rescue, see the Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association web site
For more information on the Irish Wolfhound breed, go to the Irish Wolfhound Club of America web site
Please research any breeder you may purchase an Irish Wolfhound from.
NOTE: We are NOT associated with the Beals who have a Pine, CO address, frequently breed Irish Wolfhounds and advertise in the Denver Post.

  • Irish Wolfhounds
  • are sighthounds meaning they hunt by sighting prey
  • have an average life span of 6 1/2 to 7 years
  • grow from about 1 pound at birth to at least 100 pounds and 30+ inches tall at 1 year old
  • cost more for care at most veterinary hospitals than smaller breeds
  • come in all colors from white to black and include wheaten, red and gray
  • shed continuously throughout the year

New born puppies

All breeders should:
  • ask you questions about what home environment your new puppy will have
  • provide you with a health history of your puppy and the parents
  • provide you with the OFA hip rating and OFA number of both parents - Search of OFA ratings at or
  • provide you with a copy of the sales contract ahead of time to review
  • take time to get to know you as much as they can
  • will tell you the pluses and minuses of owning an Irish Wolfhound
  • provide a clean safe environment for the puppies and their parents
  • "Should be someone that you would feel comfortable calling with a problem on Christmas Eve, Day, or any time. They should be there to talk, discuss any issues, and be an extended family for the life of the dog...and are they willing to take the dog back at any time in its life if something happens to your life situation and the dog becomes a probelm to keep" quote from Betty Pearson, Corrales, NM

One day old pups with mom

Buyer beware! The following statements about Irish Wolfhounds have been made by disreputable Irish Wolfhound breeders: NONE of them are true
  • Irish Wolfhounds mate for life so we don't have to track which male sired the litter - NOT TRUE
  • Only gray Irish Wolfhounds can be shown - NOT TRUE
  • There is no hip dysplasia in Irish Wolfhounds. I don't need to have their hips x-rayed. - NOT TRUE
  • Irish Wolfhounds all live to be 8-10 years old - NOT TRUE
Anyone who charges $1500 or more for their Irish Wolfhound puppies must be able to prove to you that they are knowledgeable of the Irish Wolfhound standard of excellence, what ethical breeding practices are and what they are doing to improve the breed in quality and health.

Father and daughter


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